Mollificio Valli today is a company which has more than 140 employees, and its structure has enabled it to become partner for important clients in the global market.
Today, as in the past, the company is characterised by its agile and responsive structure in respect to the markets.
With a management board which recognises the competitive advantagederived from uniting constant technological innovation (more than 70% of the installed machinery is controlled by CNC) with continual training of the staff employed (internal and external courses, Europe-wide).
Members of staff working with clients and suppliers are able to communicate in the principal European languages (English, French, German, Spanish) as well as to work towards goals which are constantly monitored against appropriate indicators.
Moreover, the technical support and planning departments collaborate on an everyday basis for the development of new products using the most up-to-date CAD/CAM technology.



The external markets, a lot of which are still open due to continuingrelocations, constitute one of the principal objectives of the company.
By these means and by specialisation of the production of elements and sub-assemblies purposely made for the automotive sector.
The effective relationships of close partnership with some of our most important clients have led to the introduction of some production lines in the vicinity of their overseas establishments.